Never fear to have a site with outdated contact information.

Exchange Contacts for Confluence is the best plug in for adding Exchange contact information to your Confluence wiki. Access the contact informations on your Exchange Server. Include the information of your Exchange contacts in any site of Confluence and don’t worry about outdated information. Simply include the macro on any Confluence site of your wish. Whenever an Exchange contact is updated the displayed information will be updated, too.

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Custom templates

You don’t like the way the information is shown? No problem, in the administration section you can customize the template as you like. If your custom template can’t be rendered correctly the default template will be displayed instead. If you want to revert your changes you can just reset the template to default.

Keep private information private

This Exchange plug in for Atlassian Confluence also provides the possibility to define which groups are able to see certain fields. For example you can configure that the group „external-users“ only can see the name and the main email address. Or that your employees can see everything except the private phone number.


Currently English and German are supported languages. You’d like to use ECCO in another language? Just drop us an email!